ISO 45001:2018

Health & Safety

It is becoming more and more important that organisations can demonstrate that they are thinking about their health & safety duties. But it is not just a case of ‘doing the right thing’, there’s also a strong business case to putting in place a strong health and safety management system.

Putting in place ISO 45001:2018 systems will not only benefit the workforce but will also reduce costs and improve efficiency within the organisation. ISO 45001 certification is relatively new and was created to reduce workplace injuries around the world. It effectively replaced OHSAS 18001:2007, which wasn’t an ISO standard but was adopted by many countries. 

An important benefit of gaining ISO 45001 certification is the ability to get onto the supply chain lists or potential clients who insist on a formal health and safety accreditation. In addition, benefits of meeting ISO 45001 requirements are:

  • ​Minimising the risks of production delays; providing a safe environment to do business

  • Demonstrating your commitment to maintain and continually improve an effective health and safety environment, and meet legal obligations

  • Improving your reputation and increasing your opportunities to gain new business

  • Cost savings from lower public liability insurance premiums

  • ​And much more...

How to get ISO 45001:2018 Health & Safety certification


An ISO 45001 Occupational Safety and Health Management System (OSHMS) gives you a world-class framework to operate within, and we will help you to achieve ISO 45001 requirements in an innovative way by showing you how to examine what you already do as an organisation and fitting this around the standard, rather than making you change established ways of working to fit in with a set view of the standard.

We will show you that the ISO 45001 compliance process can be quite straightforward by:

  • reviewing the arrangements you have and identify what else you need to achieve ISO health and safety certification;

  • formulate a plan to address any gaps between what you have and what you need;

  • help you to develop any policies, procedures and processes required in support of your health and safety management system;

  • show you how to identify and evaluate the aspects of your business that can impact on health and safety;

  • show you how to conduct internal audits of your organisation.


In order to reduce the risk of prosecution and maintain a preventative approach to health and safety, businesses should:

  • Develop and regularly review their health and safety policies;

  • Properly assess the risks posed by their activities;

  • Consult their employees about anything that could significantly affect their health and safety at work; and

  • Seek the advice of competent health and safety professionals to ensure that they are discharging their legal duties.


Maureen Makanza,

Managing Director,

Hive Occupational Health

Working with AAA has been fantastic. They are tremendously positive and focussed on getting us certified

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Gary Durham,
Quality Manager,
TR Fabrications Ltd

They fully understood the workings of our company so that we had a system which truly fitted us

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Paul Gerrard O'Donohoe,
Managing Director,

They approached the certification process form a standpoint of real-world business benefits